Dara Gives Korea a Glimpse of The Philippines’ Last Frontier [VIDEO]

A former member of 2ne1, Sandara Park has always been proud of her second home and has always shown her country the beauty of the Philippines. Now, together with her friend Seung Hyun, they recently went to Coron, Palawan on their latest episode of “Battle Trip.”
“I chose Coron because there are more places to visit and more food to eat,” Dara said as she talks to her friend while they were on their one to one of Palawan’s most visited tourist destinations.
Having spent more than ten years in the Philippines and even ended up winning the hearts of the Filipinos, Sandara has proved just how much she knows the Philippines by introducing interesting and exciting placed even while adding trivia!
Sandara has made several Battle Trips episode featuring the different places in the Philippines including Tagbilaran, Tagaytay, & Laguna. You can find the link for her Dara Trips below:




You can watch the complete episode of her Palawan Tour here:




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