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Overwatch Latest News & Updates: Overwatch Valentine’s Day Event Finally Revealed in the Latest patch

As the Overwatch fans may have noticed in the latest PTR update, a series of new voice lines was recently added which may reveal the game’s Valentine’s event. Blizzard is looking to hold a special in-game event for Valentine’s Day on all its platforms which include PS4, Xbox One, and also the PC.

Plans for the Overwatch event this February was leaked early. Thanks to the Reddit data miners who have uncovered the new voice lines included in the latest PTR update. The voice lines include something about chocolates, as Genji asks Hanzo if he has chocolates today. Meanwhile, in another clip, Genji tells Mercy that he has some delicious chocolates for her.

With Overwatch seemingly so preoccupied with the events taking place every other month, it makes sense that Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be any different.

Blizzard has yet to release any official statement about the supposedly incoming event and previously seemed to exclude discussions about any Valentine’s or Easter events. Hopefully, Blizzard has their eye on fixing a rather potential- breaking bug that was recently encountered by players.

Recently, a video posted to Reddit shows what appears like a game- breaking scoring bug that gives the awards to the losing team. There had been cases that despite the fact that the losing team ended with a 3-0 score, the game suddenly awarded the losing team its victory. What makes things even worse is that it also happens in a Competitive match. But needless to say, Blizzard will have to release an update to fix this game- breaking bug or risk losing a huge chunk of its Overwatch fanbase.

According to Express, Blizzard is also working on smaller updates and fixes which include the changes to the game’s communication wheel, including access to the four different emotes and additional voice lines.


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